Looking to build a contractor management app? Some things to consider…

The scope is to create a contract management system to provide companies with a systematic approach to managing their contractors.

The platform will be offered as multiple versions, free and paid (details to be defined).


I think a similar layout to the demo sites would be idea.

1. Key elements:

1.1. Self-registration.

1.2. Initially a free version, sign up for additional features and pay options. Details to be defined.

1.3. Export lists to Excel, CSV, PDF.

1.4. Ability for users to add questions to pre- assessments, quizzes etc.

1.5. Contracting companies to be shared across multiple companies (as contractors may work for multiple companies).

1.6. Email configuration etc.

1.7. Company branding and logo.


2. Company registers with website (our client)

2.1. Company Details • Company Name • ABN • Address • Office Email

2.2. Users: • User Name • User email • User profile (admin, user). • Multiple users.


3. Contracting Company Registers # key points:

3.1.1. Company details to be located to enable sharing across multiple companies (our clients)

3.2. Company Details • Company Name • ABN or CAN • Address • Office Email

3.3. Users: • User Name • User email


4. Contracting company Pre- assessment (upgrade option)

4.1. I will provide a list of questions. Companies should have the ability to create their own assessment criteria. Depending on the responses will determine the contracting company risk profile. Ratings to be provided.

4.2. Provision to upload Workers compensations and Public liability insurances. These will include expiry dates. These expiry dates will trigger email alerts to the contractor the nominated people within the business that the insurances are about to expire.

4.3. Provision to upload the following documents:

4.3.1.SWMS (review date to be added with 12 monthly reviews and automated emails).

4.3.2.Plant assessments (review date to be added with 12 monthly reviews and automated emails).

4.3.3.Licenses, email alerts, contractor and company.

4.3.4.Certificates (if expiry included) email alerts, contractor and company.

4.4. 12 monthly review of contractors, pre- assessment etc.


5. Contracting employees: Details proved at a later date.

5.1. Register.

5.2. Induction, possible video and quiz.

5.3. Upload license and certificates. email alerts, people, contractor and company.


6. Dashboards, to be discussed.


7. Lists of current and expired contractors.


8. Lists of current and expired contracting employees


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