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This Flywheel hosting review will go through everything you need to know about this excellent WordPress hosting platform and why it’s worth the investment compared to similar services. But first, a bit more about what managed hosting is.

What Is Managed WordPress Hosting?

A managed WordPress hosting platform is an all-encompassing service involving the technical aspects of handling WordPress websites. These aspects include security, updates, back-ups, website uptime, scalability, and speed.

The idea is to make the experience hassle-free by having all technical aspects taken care of by the hosting service so that you, the business owner, can focus on content creation and growing your business.

The number one advantage of managed hosting is that the servers are configured specifically for WordPress and maintained by experienced WordPress specialists. Your site will be faster and more secure since the hosting company takes care of all the technical details.

So What Is Flywheel?

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Flywheel is one of the most popular Managed WordPress Hosting platforms available. It is a managed WordPress host for those looking for a high-quality WordPress-only hosting solution.

Advertising itself as: “Beautiful WordPress hosting & management. Built for designers and agencies,” Flywheel offers an incredible array of features that will impress both regular WordPress users and agencies.

Flywheel uses the Google Cloud Platform to host its customers’ websites. This choice of infrastructure provides excellent stability and security and excellent page loading speeds around the world.

The Flywheel hosting company provides users with excellent customer service, an intuitive dashboard, free demo sites, and tailor-made features for WordPress. It is also one of the few hosting providers that offer a marketplace where users can buy and sell themes and plugins.

Flywheel’s Core Features

Free demo sites

Flywheel allows you to create a free demo site and keep it active for 14 days so that you can test the platform. This is an excellent feature if you want to try out Flywheel before committing to a paid plan.

Free Migration

Flywheel offers free migration for customers moving from another hosting platform. This is a great feature that makes it easy to switch to Flywheel without having to worry about the hassle of transferring your website files and databases. It’s a simple process where you’ll simply need to provide some information about your previous hosting account and let Flywheel WordPress experts take care of the rest.

Flywheel Dashboard

The Flywheel Dashboard is intuitive and easy to use. It is designed for both WordPress beginners and experts, and it provides quick access to the essential features and tools to keep your websites up and running.

Instant updates and back-ups

Flywheel updates the WordPress software while backing up your site nightly. A few clicks are all it takes for you to be able to view each backup and restore it if you want to. A backup plug-in is not necessary.

Simple staging sites

Flywheel simplifies making a staging version of your website for you. This is where you can test new changes to your site before pushing them live for everyone to see.

Custom caching engine

Flywheel uses server-side caching, so your site can load faster even without a caching plug-in. For those who want an extra speed boost, there’s also the option to use a content delivery network (CDN).

Marketplace for WordPress Themes and Plugins

The Flywheel marketplace is a one-stop-shop for all things WordPress. Here, you can buy and sell themes and plugins and find services to help you with your website.

WordPress Tailor-made Features

Flywheel has several features that are tailor-made for WordPress. This includes easy site management, development tools, one-click SSL installation, etc.

Free SSL certificate

Flywheel offers plans which include a Let’sEncrypt free SSL certificate.

One-click migration

Flywheel makes it easy to transfer your site to their servers with just a few clicks. If you need help, their customer support team can do it for you.

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Flywheel’s Exclusive Features

Ever since its inception, Flywheel has been bent on distinguishing itself from other WordPress hosts. That is why it offers some advanced features only relevant and helpful to designers or those agencies that work with clients. Regardless of your specific needs, you can still take advantage of these Flywheel’s features.

Local by Flywheel

This feature is a WordPress local development tool not unlike WAMP or XAMPP but is exclusively focused on WordPress site development. You can easily and quickly create a new local WordPress demo site using your web server, PHP, and MySQL format.

Local by Flywheel is free of charge to everyone, so you do not need to be a customer to use it, but if you are, you can use the Connect to Flywheel feature to drive your demo site straight through your Flywheel server automatically. You can even reverse and make a local version of a current website on its servers. This feature is a great time-saver if you need to work on your website.


This is another of Flywheel’s WordPress hosting unique features. It is a pre-determined combination of themes and plug-ins that you can play around with as the basis for launching new WordPress websites.

You can develop a Blueprint that incorporates all plug-ins needed in every blog. You can readily create a site using that Blueprint instead, doing away with installing each plug-in manually for every new blog you start.

Simple Team And Client Workflows

This third feature is especially beneficial if you are an agency working closely with clients. You can create an organizational profile accommodating your whole team, invite other members to work on specific tasks without sharing passwords, and send invoices for Flywheel to the client once your work is done.

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Flywheel Pricing

Flywheel offers the following basic payment plans:


This plan gives you 1 WordPress site, up to 5,000 monthly visits, a 5GB disk, and a 25GB bandwidth, and costs $15 a month or $150 a year. It is best for portfolio websites.


This plan gives you 1 WordPress site, up to 25,000 monthly visits, a 10GB disk, and a 50GB bandwidth, and costs $30 a month or $300 a year. This is their most popular plan.


This plan gives you up to 10 WordPress sites, up to 100,000 visits a month, a 20GB disk, and a 200GB bandwidth, and costs $115 a month or $1,150 a year. It is an excellent choice for web developers building online stores or medium service websites.


This plan can handle up to 30 WordPress sites, up to 400,000 visits a month, a 50GB disk, and a 500GB bandwidth, and costs $290 a month or $2,900 a year. It is an excellent choice for professional agencies that need to host and manage multiple websites, such as well-known blogs and well-established eCommerce sites.

All plans can be paid every month, but Flywheel gives you two months free if you pay yearly.

If none of the standard options suit your needs, Flywheel’s team also offers to custom-build a dedicated plan that covers your specific needs.

Flywheel Add-Ons

Flywheel’s pricing plans come with an impressive set of standard features, but you can boost your performance even further with add-ons that you can purchase to further tailor the service according to your specific needs.

Performance Insights

This add-on gives detailed information about your website’s performance and helps you identify any potential problems that need to be addressed.

Managed Plugin Updates

Total control over automatic plugin updates with the Managed Plugin Updates add-on. Using the best AI technology and WordPress experts ensures your plugins are always up to date without taking unnecessary risks.

Final Thoughts on Flywheel

Flywheel hosting can boast features that make it stand out from the competition. It offers a solid repertoire of options specifically designed for WordPress users, excellent customer support, quick and reliable performance, and distinctive features that will prove valuable to freelancers and agencies.

One drawback of Flywheel WordPress hosting is the price. It carries a higher price tag than most of its competitors. Of course, you can opt for cheaper alternatives. Still, with its commitment to an overall high-quality service, the Flywheel cloud platform is definitely worth your consideration if you have a little more to spare.

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